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A scary sharp broadhead is one of the most important factors in a bow hunters preparation and success. This is evident when cutting your finger with a dull knife versus a very sharp cut. The dull cut coagulates very quickly and stops the blood flow. In bow hunting this is a bad thing when trying to recover an animal after the shot.

For this reason we highly recommend you invest in a KME broadhead sharpener for your new Grizzly's to make them hunt ready. The KME sharpener keeps a consistent angle on your edge. This is the key to sharpening anything. Another good reason to go with the KME is that the good folks at KME do the grinds on our broadheads and it just makes sense to finish these edges with something from the company that makes Grizzly the best it can be

Grizzly Recommended 
Sharpening Systems
"Grizzly's got the job done."."
Scott Parson
Broadheads come with the proper angle ground and a good burr raised. Must be sharpened before hunt ready! See sharpening tips
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